Life on the Farm

Hometowne TV interviews members of Fountain House who are active at the Fountain House Farm at High Point.
By Stephanie Moore
Animal lover Chaitanya shares her experiences at the Fountain House Farm at High Point and her future aspiration to volunteer at animal shelters.
Fountain House is currently enjoying the many and varied fruits of the hard work done in High Point farm’s gardens and orchard.
Another busy year has galloped past at Fountain House Farm at High Point. After the snow and ice of the early months, we looked forward to cultivating the garden once again.
Wellness Immersion is one effort to support our community in their attempt to begin and continue a healthy lifestyle.
Every year around this time, three van loads of people meet early on a Sunday morning to drive two hours to High Point New Jersey for the annual softball game and BBQ feast that follows.
The farm staff and a group of enthusiastic members have been working to transform a portion of the 477-acre property into a wetland habitat.
Fountain House has had an active Horticulture Unit for over 30 years in which 141 individuals with Axis I psychiatric diagnoses participate every month.
Fountain House Farm at High Point, located in the northwestern corner of New Jersey, is a rural extension of Fountain House.
A two mile trail bordering High Point State Park and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area was constructed at Fountain House Farm at High Point.


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