In the 1970’s Fountain House received a bequest of 477 acres of land in northwest New Jersey from a former Board member, who stipulated that the property, known as High Point Farm be conserved as a natural resource and used for the benefit of men and women with mental illness.

Karl Keller, bought the property in the late 1930s so his son, Alfred, who lived with mental illness, would have a quiet place to live. After buying the land, the Kellers started constructing the various farm buildings that you see today. Karl Keller’s Swiss heritage is reflected in the design of the chalet where the family lived whilst at the farm. Most of the lumber came from the surrounding woods, hauled out by a team of horses. A series of dams were also constructed on the property, providing habitat for wildlife. The largest dam created the pond below the chalet where only a stream once ran. Additional land was purchased when it became available, and by 1960 the farm was over 1,000 acres.

The property was given to Fountain House in recognition of their important work with people with mental illness and in hopes that members would enjoy this special place that has meant so much to their family.


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