The Things I Love About Highpoint Softball

Posted on September 5, 2012

Every year around this time, three van loads of people meet early on a Sunday morning to drive two hours to High Point New Jersey for the annual softball game and BBQ feast that follows. We all love it. The games are always exciting, usually with last minute sporting heroics by an unlikely character.

High Point softball transports us all back to the game we played as kids, even if some only picked a bat up for the first time and happen to be 50 years old. Although this year Team Alan blew out Team Jamel, it was still a fun day. It rained, as it always seems to on High Point Softball Day, but we played seven innings. We dodged puddles and mud and cheered on our teams.

The BBQ that follows the game has become a tradition.  We feast on burgers, sausage, salads, and ice cream before we drive back to the city. On the van ride home we recount the funny and amazing plays that happened during the game – like the triple play in the first inning or the very unorthodox windmill pitching technique employed by a relief pitcher or the surprise hit by someone who has never played before.

-Eldad Shepen

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